WordPress Shuts Down Blogs That Criticized Islam

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Dan Hooker would love to headline a show in his home country of New Zealand but not against someone like Islam Makhachev.. Hooker dismissed Makhachev’s callout on Twitter, posting a clip from his "Head, Heart and Balls" podcast appearance, where he talked about wanting to headline a show vs. fighters like Donald Cerrone, Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje.

Even a newfound reverence for religious liberty on the left does not negate our right to protest and criticize the philosophical disposition of others. And applying public pressure in an effort to.

WordPress Shuts Down Controversial Anti-Islam Site by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro An anti-Islam blog that failed to remove inflammatory comments from a few of its readers will be permanently taken down by its hosting company, WordPress, on January 6 as the result of a number of complaints filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Bronx, NY About Blog Answering Muslims is a Christian apologetics website dedicated to responding to the questions, objections, and arguments of Muslims. The site is run by Christian debaters, lecturers, and writers who have a special interest in Islam. Frequency about 2 posts per week. Facebook fans n/a.

We need to WARN this community of (mostly) Americans, that WordPress is now enforcing PAKISTANI SHARIA LAW on American sites. I kid you not. This, my friends, is why GLOBALISM SUCKS and must be opposed until it is GONE LIKE THE NAZIS. Yes. The wonderful site, Creeping Sharia, that keeps NORMAL PEOPLE (not WordPress PROG.

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Prue’s commentary isn’t necessarily any meaner than Paul’s, but together, they drag the commentary on The Great British Baking Show down into the mud. Of course, the bakers should be criticized.

Columbine survivor’s death a reminder of the lingering trauma of gun violence Two Columbine Survivors on Life After a Mass Shooting, and Being at the Lead of ‘The Columbine Generation’. They have accomplished much since Nikolas Cruz turned their Valentine’s Day to carnage: They’ve faced down politicians from Florida’s capitol to Washington, D.C., mobilized the upcoming national March for Our Lives,

Islamophobia designates the irrational fear of Islam that drives people to make blanket judgments accusing all Muslims (over a billion people) of harboring the same murderous fantasies that muslim extremists express and act upon. For most Muslims, Islam is a religion that demands moral behavior from believers who will be answerable to Allah for their actions on judgment day.

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India has shut down the entire area, established a news blackout and is busy arresting torturing and killing Kashmiris at unprecedented levels. At the same time, it is sending out stories for national consumption, that say Kashmir is at peace, there are no riots and people are friendly.